App Review: The Sims Freeplay by EA

App Review: The Sims Freeplay by EA

 Create your own town with the sims freeplay and pass goals to Aearn Simoleons and Lifestyle points. Okay, where do I start? I LOVE THIS APP! Though it can get a bit buggy, yup dates often fix it, so don't panic if your game glitches, it is normal. (And it's free, hence the name freeplay)

I'd Rate: 9/10 because of glitches. 

It is not a game for young children, but for 8+ it is very good. 

Religous Content: None

Sexual Content: Sims may "Be Romantic" or "Woo-hoo" but "Woo-hoo" is censored

Obscenities: None

Other things you should know: In the store you can purchase Simoleons, Lifestyle Points and Social Points with real money so make sure you have parental controls when letting a younger child play


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